Mama Josie’s Meal Prep is a small family business owned and operated by Mai Rana in Beausejour, Manitoba, Canada.

In Filipino culture, food and family always came hand in hand and over the years her mom Josie had impressed friends and coworkers with her flavorful and satisfying Filipino dishes she would make. Especially when it came to her Pancit Bihon, BBQ pork skewers and her ever so popular Lumpia Shanghai also known as Filipino spring rolls. Her pork spring rolls were always highly anticipated and sought after at all their family gatherings.

 Soon her children’s friends and coworkers were asking if they “could place an order.” It didn’t take long before she built a reputation and was known for her deliciously addictive crispy pork spring rolls and for serving the finest Filipino cuisine. Having that same deep passion for cooking inspired Mai to soon follow in her footsteps which led her to build a commercial kitchen of her own where she could make her mom’s famous pork spring rolls so it could be sold at local stores and farmers markets. Mai learned to prepare and cook traditional Filipino dishes that were passed down from her mother. She also wanted to share her culture and the feelings of love and joy she felt at these special occasions while being able to experience the wonderful tastes and smells of her mom’s cooking again.


The legacy of Josie’s patience, compassion and generosity live on in the memories of her children and grandchildren through her deep passion and love for Filipino cooking. Mai knew that she wanted to share those same feelings with everyone. The praise and satisfaction from family and friends encouraged her to start Mama Josie’s Meal Prep where everyone could experience the tastes of authentic Filipino cuisine without having to leave the comforts of home.